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constantin glantz (13.12.2003)

I guess, they are taking much of their influence from Helloween's Keeper 1 and 2, adding some orchestral influences and cool instrumental interplays with a slight latin flavour ocasionally... i'm wondering why did you started this page before Helloween and Dream Theater in your site :) it's like starting reviewing , ehh, King Diamond BEFORE Black Sabbath and Alice Coop ...

Fernando H. Canto (25.01.2004)

Hey, Angra! I have heard very little about these guys, I have to admit. But they're good. Shame that, at this very moment, the most popular Angra song in Brazil is... 'Rebirth'. But anyway... what I have to say, really, is a bit about Brazilian culture. It isn't exactly accurate to say that we have an "obsession" with heavy metal. We don't have that many heavy metal bands going on in the mainstream, but the underground has as many bands as any other country, I think. I guess it's just that the Brazilian bands that are popular abroad happen to be the heavy metal ones, and I'm sure part of this is because of the lyrics in English. Want it or not, it isn't very likely to see a Brazilian song sung in Portuguese flooding American or European airwaves, except for those Bossa Nova pieces that play somewhere sometimes. We do have lots of quality pop music in here, that are just not popular outside the country. I could name Legião Urbana as the absolute best rock band to come out of this land, along with Titãs, but the most... say, "representative" bands is probably Os Paralamas Do Sucesso, as they like to merge the Brazilian traditions with their brand of pop and rock, in a more subtle way than Angra's own Holy Land. So if you're really interested, give these ones a try. As far as Angra goes, I'm sure these guys are pretty good, but their popularity, along with Sepultura, kinda gives a wrong view of Brazil to strangers: it's like to seeing the Carnival in Rio and thinking the whole country is like that. But anyway, I'd rather see our heavy metal bands being reviewed on your site than one of our million of crap bands, anyway. All that generic garbage would really give a bad name to my country. There is a pair of SNOBS on here that like to flood the TV and Radio with their endless streak of Céline Dion covers, and they filled themselves with glory and released a full album filled with songs in English, to be released in Europe. It FLOPPED!! BADLY! Oh, man, am I ever pleased to see things like that happening.


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Rhodri Harris (19.10.2005)

Holy crap man! Angra are great and you slag 'em off! Matos was gay compared to Edu. I'd much rather listen to some guy with a humongous range than some wuss that whines all the time! It's obvious you don't care for any of the meaning's in the songs but then again nor do I. I'm too busy listening to thier kick-ass riffs and face-melting solos. At least you haven't slagged off Aquiles Preister. That guy is a legend. It always sounds like he's out of time, but he's not! Go and liten to Temple of Shadows and write a scathing reveiw about that I dare you! If you can fault Temple in any way then you suck!

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