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Martin Skovgaard <> (12.03.2003)

RIO: 3½ stars !!!??? SEVEN AND THE RAGGED TIGER:: 3 stars !!!??

My God this man must be tone deaf or not aware of the quality of music produced these days.

"It's just pooorn mom and it won't go away"............. "I'm a slaaaave" "I'm a genie in a bottle....lalalalaala" "Back streets back all right.......lalalalala" "I can't get you out of my head...lalalalala"

Hmm..what did you give Michael Jacksons Thriller. Oh 3½ stars.... The Thriller album sucks. "Billy Jean", "Thriller" and "Beat it" were ok but listen to the music damnit. It's so simple. What makes Duran Duran so good in my opinion is that they have many layers of synthesizers and instruments. It sounds like they put some time/effort into it. Most bands use one main melody and your brain gets bored. Duran Duran rock. And listen to the coolness of their synthesizers. Depeche Mode used alot of synthesizers in their first album which is from about the same time. It's sounds like all they had was a C64 computer doing some bleeps and bloops. Very crude and very very dated to listen to. Duran Duran's were cool sounding then and still are. About the lyrics, maybe it's not deep deep, but it's pop for Christ sake. And still I think they are deeper than your standard 90's or 2000's pop lyrics which are mostly very simple love songs. Can you tell me what "New Religion" is about ? What is "Union of the snake" about or what about "To the shore" ?

You gave Sade 3 & 5 stars...Come on. I like Sade personally. It's has a certain mood to it. But if you complain that all Duran Duran tracks sound alike then you must not be able to differentiate the Sade tracks. They are much more similar. And musically not all that.

Rio and Seven are probably the two most similar Duran albums but they are not THAT alike. Seven has lot's more synth and less guitar. If you claim that Notorius, Big thing and Rio are alike then I have to track you down and....heh heh just kidding :)

The 2 or 3 latest Duran Duran albums (Pop Trash is one of them) really really suck though. Listen to them, you'll probably like them.


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