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Shaun Tatarka <> (10.02.2000)

Well, I am only half way through your Rod Stewart reviews (which I am enjoying immensely, in an odd way) but I must state when you slam "The First Cut is the Deepest" and praise the insipid Blondes Have More Fun album, you totally lose me!

One wonders if you understand the post 1975 Stewart. You also seem to be quite schizophrenic in your attitude about the old boy. As if your Rolling Stone inspired mind won't allow you to admit what your heart knows--Rod Stewart is not only a hell of a lot better than critics admit! Fact is, most Rod Stewart reviews are written before they writer heard the album.

[Special author note: well, pardon me for my arrogance, but I suppose it all boils down to the fact that it's way too painful to listen to a lot of these records... I, for one, consider myself an invalid of Camouflage. At least I could play air guitar to some of Blondes...]

<> (20.12.2000)

That was quite a thorough review you wrote about Rod Stewart. I wasn't always a Rod fan however, my sister force fed me Rod and now there is no turning back. Rod is aware of his age, and as you said, does not hide or pretend to be serious like many others. He is who he is and doesn't care much about reviews. He continues to choose great musicians and again repeating you, isn't hung up on all the synthesized studio stuff. He is a great song writer and will be well remembered for his talent. He knows how to touch the feminie heart, yet the guitars keep the men listening even though many will deny that they are listening. Rod has a new album coming out in Fe, 2001. I am excited about it and bet it will be one of his "tastier" ones. Rod is great with and without Ron Wood. It took great courage to go out they way he did from being with such string band members. Cheers to Roderick!!!!!

Michael J. West <> (04.03.2001)

I just wanted to put in my two cents towards an answer to your question:

Rod Stewart wasn't the only musician that was killed off by the Eighties, this worst enemy of quality rock music. Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Phil Collins, Bob Dylan, the Stones, the Who, Yes... nah, the list can be endless: the Killer Decade was really strong. So why should we hold a particular grudge against Rod Stewart?

Personally, I feel that the answer to this question is easy. We should hold a particular grudge against Rod Stewart because nobody--and I mean NOBODY, not even the Rolling Stones or The Who themselves--rocked as hard and as passionately as Rod did in his heyday. I mean, my God; between "Lost Paraguayos," "Twistin' the Night Away," his versions of "That's All Right" and "(I Know) I'm Losing You" and "Street Fighting Man" (which, if it doesn't topple the Stones' original as a rallying call, buries it in terms of its rawness) and the mammoth "Every Picture Tells A Story," Rod may have been the greatest single exponent of gritty, intense, energetic rock & roll EVER. And then there was Camouflage. If we're more willing to criticize Rod than we are, say, Macca or Dylan, it's because Rod had a Hell of a lot farther to fall, and he fell all the way.

Sergey Zhilkin <> (13.06.2001)

The first thing I thought when I put on The album was - Is there something wrong with my speakers or is it a half choked chicken singing? Indeed, Roderick's voice is a love or hate thing (just like Dylan's voice). I got used to Rod's vocal finally but it wasn't a very pleasant experience. Though, I have to admit that his unusual voice fits his music nicely. Stewart was always standing between being a cover artist and independent one. About 40% of his albums' material is written by other artists. IMHO, it's only for good, cause as we discovered on late records, Roderick can write great amount of filler. Unfortunately, his style got marred in late 70s and even some covers sounded more horrible than originals. On early records it was obvious that Rod really cared about pleasing you. And that's why his first four albums were so solid, open and full of fun. He could write rockin' songs, blues and wonderful ballads. And while writing songs, he was trying to find a formula and everything seemed to be alright until .... untill he found it. After that his albums became 'products' and their main flaw (I'm speaking about his 70s career) was overrockin'. It became clear that Rod was writing only commercial (how I hate this word!) songs. Damn! It's a real shame how low artist can fall - compare 'Blind prayer' with 'Young Turks' and you'll know what I mean. Grrr...

And as for general rating, I suppose that Rod should get 1 point. That's all because of the percent of filler on his post Never a dull moment works. And, for my money, Rod never produced an album worth 12/15 rating.

PS. Besides, Rod never produced an album with 11 or more tracks (as far as I know, of course) - in that sense he was always scapping the bottom.

Glenn Wiener <> (28.11.2001)

I have mixed feelings about old Hot Rod. His voice takes some getting used to but old Rod certainly gives it some spunk and style. He covers it all rock, acoustic, tender ballads, even disco, although Rod's reputation in the alter is more miss than hit. Personally, I like his older stuff best as well as Foot Loose And Fancy Free.


Brooks <> (14.05.2000)

Oh my!!  I rediscovered this album just recently.  I had the original vinyl when I was in college, but I haven't heard it for at least 20 years.  And it still sends me.  I'd give this the 10 over Gasoline Alley.  Rod's voice is at its best; soul, blues and rock, he nails them all.  I think that 'Blind Prayer' is the album's most powerful number, but the biting final line of 'Cindy's Lament', given when it was written, blows me away.  Hearing Keith Emerson is nice, adn thorgan owrk is a nice touch throughout.

Sergey Zhilkin <> (13.06.2001)

His first and best.

The best thing about The album is piano playing. This really brings much to the songs. Just look at 'Street fighting man' or 'Blind prayer' - Mac (piano player) really kicks the shit of all shapes out of you! Okay, not so cause it's only a soft rock but still backing band is in top form here. Everything is polished and every next chord is well planned but you'll simply won't notice that because of Rod's rough voice. You know, I get a feeling that a very professional garage rock band is playing on that record and that's why there's so much fun.

Unfortunately, the album is very short - only 8 (3 of which are covers) songs and that's why I can't give it more than 11. But maybe this fact saved us from two or three crappy songs?


<> (19.08.2000)

Rod's performance in this album is truly astounding. His range and sentimental appeal are unmatched. "Only a Hobo" shows him at his best. He didn't write (Dylan did) but nonetheless he owns it. As a lifelong Stewart fan of age 34, it was only by going back into his chronology that I have truly seen his greatness. I think your artist rating of 2 does not take into account the range and innovations his music has given us over the years. No, he didn't write it "It's all Over Now", but his powerful interpretation of it allows him to own it. "Gasoline Alley" he did write and we feel his connection to this autobiographical song. I agree with you that this may be his best album, but I'm not sure it is. By listening to his solid interpretations over the years meshed in with his originals, there have been several great ones, one can only conjure respect and admiration for one of rock's truly versatile singers. Has he wandered into musical malaises over the years, hell ya! But he can always fall back on his British Pub roots to rescue him from lightweight material. Rod may not be the greatest rocker of all time, but his willingness to experiment and fail make him one the most resilient. He went "Unplugged" and sold huge with a whole new group of fans. His voice can make you cry, scream, riot, or even wrench. He can always draw an emotional reaction. He never wanted to be liked, just to be heard and felt. Hope you agree.


Richard C. Dickison <> (14.12.99)

Ok, Ok, I give, At this one moment and time Rod was cool. Yes, I said, Rod made a good album.

Or maybe albums, I like a couple of tracks off Every Picture Tells A story and allot from Never A Dull Moment. Now I know I related him as a long lost drunken BeeGee brother. I will always see him as that, maybe because he seemed to resonate so well, with his best work being done in the early seventies.

But here is where he got the ability to put out all that dreck we hate him for. Go on and listen to 'Maggie May' and 'You Wear It Well' and tell me he did not have some chops.

Now if he had only kept up to this level, and not tried to become sexy and hip, or tried to sell himself as a tiny-bopper god. I mean come on, look at him on Smiler, does he not look like a Bay City Roller. Then as a Frampton clone on Atlantic Crossing. Sleeeeezy, Scaaaaary.

Kevin Baker <> (07.05.2001)

Maggie May has 5 chords in the melody.  I can play it.  It was actually one of the songs that got me into classic rock.  It's my favorite Rod Stewart song, and still holds a place in my all-around favorite songs.

Phillip Hutcherson <> (20.12.2003)

Well, I read your review for Every Picture Tells A Story recently, and I was in two minds as to whether I should buy it or not, due to my own personal regarding of your opinions and after having seen it for a relatively cheap price in my local used record store. It's always been an album I've been curious about, since I've heard such unanimous praise for it, and as well as being a big fan of the "first" Jeff Beck Group's work, I wondered how Rod's own work would be, after stemming off from that group. Eventually I decided to spring for it, and I have to say, I'm quite impressed. From start to finish (just about), this is a mighty pleasant little record Rod's got here, although I can definetly hear (to an extent) the Motown overtones you speak of, which I myself personally do not mind as much as you seem to. Overall, based on your scale, I'd give it a low nine, overall eleven, as I am still not overly keen on the Bob Dylan cover ('Tomorrow Is A Long Time'). The rest is great stuff, though.


<> (01.07.2000)

Sorry ! I can't agree with you. 'Dixie Toot' is an excellent song (Rod's voice is pretty good)! But, apart from this song, the album is quite boring. 'Sweet Little..' and 'Farewell' are acceptable...and the Dylan-song 'Girl From The North Country' isn't that bad, either. But, in fact, this album is...far from great!


Shaun Tatarka <> (17.02.2000)

WHAT!?!?! Look again at the Smiler cover. THAT began the series of awful covers! Besides this one (Atlantic Crossing is kinda cool).


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Shaun Tatarka <> (17.02.2000)

"You're in My Heart" is flat-out the single best love song ever written about soccer. (I have no idea what that means).

Being the "tasteless jerk" that I am, I found this to be a pretty fair album. (and the first Rod album I ever bought!) 'Hot Legs', 'Born Loose' and 'You're Insane' are flashy rockers--not in the classic sense but more of that show business rock sense--the kind that doesn't have a lot of depth but what the hell, it sounds cool, or at least it did in 1978.

Most hardcore Stewart fans like this album.

And, I will assure you of this. George is the ONLY man on the planet who would chose Blondes Have More Fun over Footloose and Fancy Free.

Corey <> (17.05.2001)

Foot loose and Fancy free....Overall,decent album.Some great sounds for the era it was released.Everybody knows the hits('hot legs','in my heart','only joking') and has there own opinion on them. 'You Keep Me Hanging On' is a bad remake of a song I never cared for to begin with.'Your Insane' and 'Born Loose' are real catchy rockers. 'I Don't want to be Right' and 'You got a Nerve' are listenable,and a nice trip through the teen years('Only Joking')closes out a pretty decent album.A recommend!!

Best Song " Your Insane"-Perfect for driving down Broadway on a summer night with this song cranked!

Worst Song "Keep Me Hanging On"-Never ending,not-needed remake.

Mitch Gibbs <> (31.08.2005)

Foot Loose and Fancy Free was the first album I ever bought when I was 16... it had everything a cross section of rock/pop/soul that you'd need to be satisfied. It had that wacky music machine that produced sounds somewhere between guitar and piano - it was used in 'You've Got a Nerve' and 'You Keep Me Hanging On'... and how good is that drumwork by Carmine Appice after the bridge in this song. It's just a classic album... one that showed enough of RS's writing with 'I Was Only Joking' and 'You're In My Heart'. This and Blondes were probably the last before the effect of the over produced drum machine and the disco era really kicked in.


Richard C. Dickison <> (29.08.99)

Oh no you don't. Nothing can cover that big old ass on that cover. Come on, out of all the models he could have been on the cover with he want's that?!?!?!.

Man, bad taste, just like the music, bad after taste, it's not that it's so bad at first, it's afterwards when you think about it. It comes to you that you listened to this turkey. That you can't honestly like this album no matter how smooth it went down. Sorry, if this was a drink, it would be Thunderbird (oh the hangtime on that), if it was a food it would be canned cheese, if it was a store it would be 7-11.

Cheap, fake, sleezy, easy in, easy out, just like those frozen burrito's that you throw a ton a tobasco sauce on and never ever admit to eating.

Shaun Tatarka <> (10.02.2000)

I am someone who has spent way too much time in the past 23 years listening to this man's music. Therefore, beleive me when I say NO ONE should buy this album. It is the ONLY Rod Stewart record that I wouldn't recommend to anyone. Despite what you've read here, it is by far the worst Rod Stewart album. Ever. Bar none.

<> (24.08.2000)

"Is That The Thanks I Get" tells it like Rod sees it. Thils album may have been blamed for Rod's "Disco Downfall", but if one listens to it sincerely they here the extension of the soul and hard core roots that Rod put into an album. DYTIS (Do You Think I'm Sexy) may have put an ounce or two of whiskey into Rod's critics point of view, but I challeng them to listen to the album in its whole. They would soon find that Rod is far more than his charismatic charicature. "Scarred and Scared" leaves us with the haunting image of someone who has to face the death penalty and is trying to explain it to his offsrpring. Very gripping. "Is That the Thanks I Get" shows a frustrated adolescent trying to understand life's unexplained teenage ups and downs and the anger that accompany them. I agree with you that this is still one of Rod's finest albums, albeit the fact it labeled him as a sellout to disco. "Dirty Weekend" rocks hard and lets us imagine a fantasy journey without attachments. God, I wish such a thing existed. Rod, you Rock and you always will. Many willl come before you, but few will ever be worthy of being called loyal fans. I will always be in the latter group. In conclusion, let me just add that "Ain't Love A Bitch" is the unproclaimed melody of 90% of marriages that I know about. Rod has the courage to proclaim it. Don't punish him for being right!!!!

Corey <> (20.05.2001)

Blondes Have More Fun-This album and the song "think i'm sexy" are probably just as popular today as they were when they first came out.Ever been to a Stewart concert?The crowd goes nuts for that song.its always one of the last played.A signature song,just like 'Maggie May'.A great album overall.Lots of fun gotta love 'Dirty Weekend'. Best Song-'Think I'm Sexy'-Classic opening beat.Worst song-'Shadow of Love' (though still not bad)


Richard C. Dickison <> (07.09.99)

Good taste? By the record companies? Naw, they just forgot about this one, 'Passion', ewwwwww. I'd rather listen to Cher album's, If I could turn back tiiiiime, if I could find a waaaaay, strut that stuff baby, and she's past fifty too. You go girl. wheeew wheeew, Do you belieeeve in love after love. I can forgive a woman who could be my grandmother but looks like a model in liquid latex no less, for insipid songs. She's earned her Diva status, this guy just looks like a wrinkled Bee Gee.

I respect guts, not ruts, or butts as in the case of that last album. I want to see this guy put himself out there in spandex and rock out at 53, he'd be nothing but her sweat towel, she'd bust his balls in a NY minute. Respect her authority!

Corey <> (20.05.2001)

Foolish album.Weakest effort up to this point.There are some songs I like on hear and some that are just bad.'Passion' was the only hit off this,and for good reason.

I do enjoy 'Somebody Special','Dance With Me' and 'Home Tonight'.Title track is a riot to listen to.'Better Off Dead', 'Gi Me Wings'-so so. Best song-'Passion' Another great nighttime beat. Worst song-'Make Love To ya'. Some kind off live recording.Slow,boring crap.

Album is very hard to find.Almost not worth the effort.

Rob Holding <> (27.12.2001)

Whilst checking through the little trivia items I have more my afternoon radio show in New Zealand today (27th Dec) I happened to note that the CIA used one of the songs off Foolish Behaviour to send messages to (I think) Polish solidarity activists in 1988. Apparently one of the announcers on VOA got a reprimand for complaining about playing but after reading the other comments on this site I'd say he shold have got a medal (at least a purple heart) Anybody in the ehternet got any details on that or should we let sleeping dogs lie?

David Dickson <> (02.08.2006)

Normally I don't even GO here ("here" meaning 1980's Rod Stewart)--but it's songs like "She Won't Dance With Me" that make me wonder which way is, in fact, up. I just saw it by chance while randomly flipping past VH1. I see these four grown men in what look like Miami Vice gear who look to have about 200 years between the four of them (only one had a full head of hair, to mention one distinction) "rockin'!!" away like the '60's never happened as this godforsakenly outlandish CREATURE with a shock of neon blond fur--but strangely, a chest as smooth and bare as the Takla Makan after a nuclear test--screeches away like a CHEETAH after HEAT SEASON complete with three blonde, um, women (I think they were, maybe. . . their hairstyle put that into serious goddamn dispute) doing what, if I'm not mistaken, passed for "dancing" at the time in question as they (apparently, highly) regarded aforementioned cheetah's pectoral glass-surface all song long, oh yeah. It made me question, all right. OH yeah. Question, that is: "What HAPPENED in 1980??!! Did ALIENS take over our COLOR SCHEME?!?!!^^% Did people LOSE the ABILITY to NOT look CRAZY!! Am I DEAD?!?!."

Note to self: THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T WATCH MUSIC VIDEOS. Everyone, just stop watching music videos. They give you bad memories of good songs. And the rest of this album is probably bad, but if not, at least I have that wonderful pastel-Elvis imitation to enrich my life. Miami Vice + Chuck Berry guitar = bonus. Not.


Shaun Tatarka <> (10.02.2000)

"First of all, Rod seems to have fired nearly all of his trusty late Seventies' band (Bogart, Appice, Chen, Grainger, etc.), replacing them with totally unknown, faceless studio automatons..."

Yeap, there's no denying Gary Grainger and Phil Chen are practically household words. (Also, Bogart was never in a Rod band).

" formula, but the formula hardly worked before and certainly does not work now..."

the auto-biographical formula ('only a Boy') has always worked for Rod Stewart. From Gasoline Alley to When We Were the New Boys (and of course the Stewart classic "I was only Joking." Saddly overlooked on theis web site)

This a good album. Not a Stewart classic but the punch of 'Tonight I'm yours' and 'Young Turks', which are two of the best synth-lead tunes of the 80's along with the moving "Never Give Up..." plac eit in the upper third of Stewart albums.

[Special author note: eh??? 'Young Turks', one of the best synth-lead tunes of the 80's? Gimme Depeche Mode over this crap any time of day, much as I hate the band...]

Corey <> (20.05.2001)

Tonight Im Yours-One of my favorite Stewart albums.The title track and 'Young Turks' are great catchy songs.Most Stewart fans I know like these. 'How Long' is better than the original. 'Tora' could use some more bass. 'Tear i Up' is a cool rocker. 'Only a boy' and 'Jealous' I like. 'Just like a Woman' I don't care for. 'Sonny' is ok.

The good outway the bad.Good album

Best song-'Young Turks' great sing a long

Worst song- 'Never Give Up On a Dream'

A little to sappy for me (I think it's suppose to be.Oh well!)


Shaun Tatarka <> (17.02.2000)

You are in complete ecstacy slamming old Rod and you've failed to recognize the album's genuine Stew classic, "Dancin Alone." No synthesizers, just a witty Chuck Berry-type rocker (how do you miss that?) that should be played at maximum volume. Pointless you say? Hell George, you described about a fourth of the Stones' classics.

I said please.

And, what's wrong with 'Baby Jane'. You know the Brits made it no. 1 for like a month.

By the way, you are right about the rest of the Body Wishes. It stinks.

[Special author note: didn't the Brits love the Osmonds, too? As for 'Dancin' Alone': if a fourth part of the Stones' "classics" had no memorable riffs, the same basic vocal melody and not a single unpredictable chord change since the first ten seconds of the song, I would certainly never have given them five stars.]


Shaun Tatarka <> (10.02.2000)

This album IS pretty bad. But "Heart is On the Line," "Trouble" & "Some Goys..." make it a better album than either Body Wishes, (also terrible) and the WORST STEWART CD of all time, Blondes Have More Fun

<> (18.08.2000)

YOUR crazy saying Camoflage is better than Bllondes...OH MY GOD!!! This is utterly Rod's worst album ever and I swear he had his ears plugged while making this album.. This is the one that should be out of print and would be if it wern't for the hideous, "hit," "Someguys,," and the tolerable 'Infatuation'........

Corey <> (21.05.2001)

Camouflage-This is actually the first Rod Stewart album I ever owned.Bought it when it came out in 84.Sounded better back then,but the album does have SOME good songs on it.'Infatuation' is my favorite Stewart song.'Some Guys' and 'Heart is on the Line' I think are pretty good.Cover of 'All Right Now' is so so.'Friends' and 'Bad for You' are a little below average.I think 'Trouble' is an ok ballad.Recommended this back in 84,not now.Definitely all sound to much alike. Best song-'Infatuation' ,How can you not like it?

Worst Song- 'Camouflage', What a mess.Even spells it out for you in the song.Don't worry Rod,your BEST albums are yet to come.

One plug for ABSOLUTELY LIVE that was skipped.One of the best live albums you can buy!!!

David Williams <> (10.03.2004)

Very good review,George. I do not or ever have liked Rod Stewart ,but until this album came out in 1984, I never heard anything from him that I would call flat out bad. ''Infatuation'' and his cover of the Free song ''All Right Now''[even though I have not heard the song in 20 years almost, thank God] are some of the worst pieces of crap I have heard all my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glenn Wiener <> (26.07.2004)

Whereas I would not give this a 3, it still reeks of synthesizer excess. The two singles, 'Infatuation' and 'Some Guys Have All The Luck' are good catchy tunes with noteworthy hooks. 'Alright Now' is a good song that has a butchered disco arrangement. 'Can We Still Be Friends' is alos overly synthesized. And the remaining tuens are just annoying and quite forgettable. 'Trouble' is lesser of those evils.

Stick with the old stuff by Hot Rod.


Corey <> (21.05.2001)

Every Beat of my Heart-This is in my top five Rod albums.I like every song on hear.Some more than others but enjoy listening to all of them.Ten times better than the one before.I'm not going to list them individually,but all the songs are pretty good.Definitely recommend this one if one can find it.I got mine at a discount tape store.Three cassettes for five bucks.can't beat it.Go look for it!!! Best song-'Who's gonna take me home'-Really great song.Funny lyrics about Rod acting up at a party and being asked to leave. Worst Song-Hard to pick but I guess 'In MY life',no reason.


Corey <> (22.05.2001)

This, along with Every Beat of my Heart, are by far his best work of the 80's.This is one of Rods best albums.If you don't own it,get it.Simple as that.And never mind talking about Dylan in every review.I'll take a Rod remake over a Dylan original any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

To be honest, can't STAND to listen to Dylan shit.Can't understand a damn word cotton mouth is saying anyway.The only way I listen to Dylan is when somebody remakes one of his songs and ads a little life to it.Enough of ol' Bob,this is Rod time.Most songs very good.Had four hits ('Lost in You','Can't Tell You No',the classic 'Forever Young' and 'Crazy About Her',the "rap" part in it only makes it BETTER) 'Dynamite' and 'Almost Illegal' are kick ass.'Wild Horse' and 'Dose of Love' are great.'Down And Out' is so so.'When I Was Your Man' should be a classic.One of Rods best ballads ever! 'Tenderness' is ok.Overall a great album.No crap here.Just ten songs that fit together very nicely. Best Song-'Lost In You'- Great opening beat. Worst Song- 'Tenderness'

Just does not do much for me.


Corey <> (22.05.2001)

Vagabond Heart-One of Rods best.From beginning to end not a bad song on it.'When a mans in Love' and 'No holding Back' are two of my favorites on hear. Has some good rockers and some nice ballads. A big recommend!! Best Song-'Rhythm Of My Heart' -Nice anthem style song Worst Song-'Broken Arrow'-Still not bad,but I got sick of that song before any others on the album.

Glenn Wiener <> (28.11.2001)

A decent 90's release for the Rod Man. Half covers, half originals. 'Rhythm Of My Heart' has a nice instrumental blend and Rod puts some of that old feeling into the sing a long at the end. Some of the rockers have that been there done that feel with a little less emotion than such classics as 'Stay With Me' and 'Hot Legs'. Its hard to surpass Van Morrison's beautiful arrangement on 'Have I Told You Lately', but Rod does a decent job here. Maybe not Rod's best work but certainly you tell the man was having some fun.


Shaun Tatarka <> (17.02.2000)

The problem with "Muddy, Sam & Otis" is the horrendous arrangement. The lyrics are corny for sure, but Rod is a Cornball, and that's not a bad thing. ("You stole my heart but I love you anyway," That's corn, the best kind of corn.) But this should have had a blues feel and instead it became a Michael Bolton type ballad that is, if not embarrassing (as George calls it) most disappointing.

And yes, George is correct when he says "Downtown Lights" and "You're the Star" suck. In fact, had Rod replaced them with the two singles' b-sides (Dylan's "Groom's Still Waiting" and Rod's original "Shock to the System") he would have made the perfect CD. But as is, Spanner is still a tasteful collection from the man who gave us one of the best synth-lead tunes of the 80s, "Young Turks" (or did I mention that already?).

Michael J. West <> (04.03.2001)

Just a quick one be fair, "Leave Virginia Alone" is not technically a cover--Tom Petty wrote it just for Rod. That may be an issue of semantics, of course, but it means that Rod never had a prerecorded template from which to draw his version (unless Tom did a demo of it), and that should count for something.

That said, he does a great job with it. Rod Stewart fans have been waiting for this kind of genuine, visceral commitment to a song for years.

Corey <> (22.05.2001)

My favorite Rod Stewart album!! Has everything for great ballads to nice light tempo songs.Only two "fast" songs on hear,'Delicious' and 'St.Christopher'.But they and the rest hold up perfectly.You must own this if you are a Stewart fan.And if not,not a bad album to turn you into one. Best song-All,but i'm going to say 'Windy Town'.Makes you want to take a bus ride with an old friend and catch up.

Worst song- 'Purple Heather'.A little to folk music for me.


Angela <> (27.02.2000)

I'm sorry but all I can say is your just wrong on this one, just wrong, wrong, wrong.

"Shelly My Love", and "What Do You Want Me To Do", are two of my favorite songs off this Cd....I love "What Do You Want Me To Do", because it does sound like his older ballads, it has that "Your In My Heart" or "Reason to Believe" kind of feel to it, with a "People Get Ready" almost gospel idea, it's thoughtful and inspiring, and beautiful, and I for one LOVE IT! I really doubt that many females think he is old or washed up and would love to see all of Roderick's traditional mug! How old are you anyway George? Let's see what you look like when your in your 50's? It just really kills me when people think they are critics, and they are going to critique an album, when really all they do is cut down the artist, and Rod is definitely an artist, he has been making a living at it for some 20 plus years now and quite a good living at that! Jealousy or Spite come to mind when I read reviews like yours, mainly yours! George, I know your critiqueing his muscial works on cd and vinyl, but have you ever seen Roderick in concert? Can you possibly deny his charismatic ways with his audience? He can charm the pants off of many women! (I've seen it!) Have you noticed how he can rock a crowd? Have you seen this man's energy? I would put him up against Cher in concert anyday, granted she is good also, but Rod could do circles around her, and outlast even her many costume changes!

[Special author note: DISCLAIMER: I'm NOT saying Roderick doesn't know the right way with women. Judging by the number of his blondes, he certainly has; I don't really care. I was actually talking about the music. The music on this album makes me sick. Maybe that's because I've never seen Roderick in concert - not to mention that I'm not gay and he couldn't have charmed the pants off me even if he wanted to. Huh. Fancy that.]

Shaun Tatarka <> (02.03.2000)

Wow, folks how about that indeed!? Just when you thought you spent an hour reading witty, albeit non professional, Rod reviews from a swell, if misguided, scribe, the guy turns out to be a homophobic moron. And no, George, I am not gay nor are the dozen or so guys I've met off the net who consider a Rod concert one of life's greatest (non-sexual) pleasures. (and Jerry Seinfeld would say "not that there's anything wrong with being gay") Oh and one more thing-I'm sure your insistence to slam those who disagree, will really encourage folks to email in their comments. For God's sakes man, the woman proved she really didn't have much to say about "New Boys" all you had to do was post her comments and let them speak for themselves...

Chris Cormier <> (20.06.2000)

What is Shaun going on about homophobia?  If the point of the letter was that you find Rod Stewart sexy, and THAT'S his charm to you, well, only a woman or a gay man would relate, by process of elimination.  How is it homophobic to say, "well i'm not attracted to rod stewart's persona, i'm only reviewing his music, and i think IT stinks"?  You can't say nothing these days...  

<> (18.08.2000)

AMAZIING! utterly amazing...Youv'e actually never seen Rod in concert? You've slammed all of his records with more personal bashing than constructive critisism, then u say " he couldn't charm the pants off of me, even if he wanted too, huh fancy that," as if ur calling Rod gay? Wow whats this really about here????

[Special author note: I suppose I don't know myself already. But Rod fans sure strike me as, ahem, 'weak-witted'.]

bdoglb <> (22.12.2000)

regarding your comment about Rod fans being "weak-Witted'..Although I would have been better served calling them 'dim-witted'.

Corey <> (22.05.2001)

Not a bad effort.Most are remakes,but good ones a that.Three good rockers on here.Oh la la is a classis song.One of my favorites.Ballads are so so.Title track has that 'Forever Young' feel and is a pleasure to listen to.Kind of a short album.Seems to be over before you know it.But all in all,worth my money. Best song-'Oh la la'.Has a feel-good sound to it.Worst Song-'Weak'.Song is good until it gets to the chorus.Rod screaming out "Weak as I am" a little to much. Best word of advice to you and all critics GO SEE A ROD STEWART CONCERT.Tell me you did not have a fun time after and i'll call you some kind of liar.Rod adds class to rock and roll.Remember,4.3 million people can't be wrong(if you know what i'm saying)

Stay forever young-see ya!

<> (22.10.2001)

First of all I've got to correct you, George. The original of 'Ooh La La' by the Faces is not sung by Ronnie Lane. It's sung by Ronnie Wood ! The 'best' songs on the album are 'When We Were The New Boys' and 'Ooh La La'. I must mention that this album is boring. I can't hear the songs 'Cigarettes & Alc' and 'Rocks' and I really can't understand why Rod covers an Oasis song (maybe you're impersonating me). If you're not a Rod fan, don't buy this CD.

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