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Nicholas Rogerson <> (05.01.2003)

The Troggs are a band who was not important or revolutionary during the 1960s. However they did perform a number of successfully singles. In reviewing From Nowhere and Trogglodynamite you have missed some of these wonderful singles. Their American debut long play album, Wild Thing is worth picking up as it includes them. Songs such as 'Widge You', 'I Can't Control Myself' and 'With A Girl Like You'. From Nowhere is still a fun album. Easy listening, enjoyable, but without providing any important musical ideas. Rather like the band itself.

<> (18.01.2004)

What I love about The Troggs is that they're one of those bands of relatively limited intelligence and talent who somehow managed to be way more than the sum of their parts (Black Sabbath are another example). Also like Sabbath, they didn't have that many great songs, but they had a whole heap more than most bands so what more could you want. I think the 0/5 rating for originality is a little unfair, actually, because while there were plenty of garage bands about before The Troggs, they had a pretty distinctive sound and their best records are tight, snappy and devoid of anything unnecessary. The nearest American comparison (and these guys were admittedly around for quite a while before The Troggs got going) would be The Sonics - who knows if The Troggs had ever heard them.

'Wild Thing' is by no means their best tune in garage mode though: personally I favour the absolutely neanderthal 'I Want You' (B-side of 'With A Girl Like You') which has an absolutely monolithic 3 chord riff and was later covered in hugely heavy fashion by the MC5, and their superb version of Louie Louie. I would personally go for the singles A&B-sides compilation above any of their original albums, the only major omission is 'Louie Louie' as this was only an album track.

<> (04.05.2004)

Well ,I'm something of a oddity ,I guess : a young french fan of a average band of the 60s.

As the others said before ,the Troggs are just a narrowly talented band  that occasionnaly manages to hit the right string with the simplicity and  directness of their songs. But I love Reg 's  singing . He 's not much of a singing talent ,I find his range to be very poor for example  ,but he more than makes up for it by his sexy intonations or his punkish roars .

And Chris Britton isn't too bad a guitarist either!

In the 70's  a new line-up whas formed ,with Reg Presley and  Ronny Bond ,the only original members left . From what I know ,they were mainly doing tours in the States .They also recorded two albums ,Troggs and the Troggs Tapes (named after an infamous incident ,when a bored engineer recorded 15 minutes of the band insulting each other) , which are pleasant if unremarkble albums ,the latter having a very heavy sound . To this day ,they still on tour ,doing pubs in England.They even recorder a surprisingly good album in 1992 ,with R.E.M (!) members ,ATHEN ANDOVER.

Well thank you for that brilliant site ,Georges ,and sorry for my spelling!


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