The following 28 records from 1987 are reviewed on this site:


Deep Purple, The House Of Blue Light [9]

Enya, The Celts [10]


Roy Wood, Starting Up [4]


Nick Drake, Time Of No Reply [11]

U2, The Joshua Tree [11]


Fleetwood Mac, Tango In The Night [9]

Tom Petty, Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) [11]


Cure, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me [13]

David Bowie, Never Let Me Down [8]


Roger Waters, Radio K.A.O.S [8]


Emerson, Lake & Powell, Emerson, Lake & Powell [10]

Grateful Dead, In The Dark [11]


Cars, Door To Door [10]

Tom Waits, Franks Wild Years [12]


Art Of Noise, In No Sense? Nonsense! [9]

Jethro Tull, Crest Of A Knave [6]

Mick Jagger, Primitive Cool [11]

Moody Blues, [Prelude] [11]

Pink Floyd, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [9]

Ramones, Halfway To Sanity [10]

Yes, Big Generator [8]


Bruce Springsteen, Tunnel Of Love [7]


Black Sabbath, The Eternal Idol [9]

George Harrison, Cloud 9 [12]

Kinks, Live: The Road [9]

[Month unknown:]

Alice Cooper, Raise Your Fist And Yell [8]

Coil, Gold Is The Metal [10]

Flaming Lips, Oh My Gawd!!! [9]

The following 16 albums in MP3 from 1987 is reviewed on this site:

Current '93: Dawn

Einstürzende Neubauten: Five On The Open Ended Richter Scale

Faith No More: Introduce Yourself

Joe Satriani: Surfing With The Alien

Loreena McKennitt: To Drive The Cold Winter Away

Marillion: Clutching At Straws

Michael Jackson: Bad

Midnight Oil: Diesel And Dust

Oingo Boingo: Boi-ngo

Pet Shop Boys: Actually

Rush: Hold Your Fire

Sinead O'Connor: The Lion And The Cobra

Sting: Nothing Like The Sun

Suzanne Vega: Solitude Standing

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