[Starling-users] StarLing for Windows version 2.4.2

Phil Krylov phil at newstar.rinet.ru
Thu Dec 29 02:27:55 MSK 2011

The next stable build of Starling for Windows has been published
onhttp://starling.rinet.ru/downl.php?lan=en#soft as version 2.4.2.
This version includes the following fixes and additions made since
2.4.1 was released.
    ! Raised .var file size limit from 2 GB to 4 GB.
    ! Don't try to apply PADR() to index expressions already using it.
    ! Fixed a crash on readonly memory access in NORMALIZE().
    ! Fixed a crash when a .dbf whose structure is to be modified is
locked by another program.
    + Added implicit import of Word .doc files via OLE, from File ->
Edit text file.

-- Ph.

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